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Total Reflection
by Jono Ma, Jonti, Babekühl & Sam Whiteside

Total Reflection
Babekühl, Jono Ma, Jonti & Sam Whiteside

‘Total Reflection’ is an experiential audio visual performance at Opera Bar right next to the famous Sydney Opera House.

Two senses of sound and light working in harmony, the stage is designed with the location in mind, on the stairs of the bar. A large, programmable light installation performed by Babekühl that responds to an original score composed and performed by Jono Ma and Jonti on a multi-channel system.

The multi-directional presentation seeks to question the very nature of the ‘stage’ in a post-Covid world: How do we view music and audiovisual performances, how do we engage, and where is the audience positioned?

Produced by Babekühl

Project Manager Marty Doyle

Jono Ma

Lighting Designer & ProgrammerSam Whiteside
Patrick Santamaria

Patrick Santamaria
Jenny Kim
Eva Li
Billy Ryan

Opera Bar Management
Ed Loveday
Lisa Rooney




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